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Automatic Internet Backup / Failover Solutions for Your Business

Internet connectivity is so indispensable to business that it is hardly noticed – until it stops working. For retailers, payment card terminals and POS systems grind to a halt. Other businesses may suffer when email and web applications go down.

Plan your backup strategy now to avoid potential disasters

SpecTrueCom provides cost effective Internet backup / failover solutions that automatically keep your business online.

Let us show you how easy and affordable this peace of mind can be.

Internet Connectivity for Rural Homes, Farms and Vacation Properties

We get it. Living in the country is wonderful – that is until you want to stream the latest Netflix series! While city-dwellers take for granted Internet speeds unheard of just a few years ago, rural neighborhoods are essentially being left behind.

Rural Mailbox

Living in the country doesn’t mean slow Internet anymore.

SpecTrueCom provides wireless network for delivery of Internet access, voice, fax, and other enhanced broadband applications and solutions for individuals or entire neighborhoods.

Let us show you the newest solutions that can have your entire family online.